Tühjenda ostukorv

Caramel is a cafe inspired by french bakery and love for traditional Estonian bread. In ether of our two cafes you can take a moment for yourself to sit down and enjoy our high-quality coffee and freshly baked pastries or grab a box full of excellent cakes and sweets to enjoy with your loved ones. And while your at it, as many of our regular clients would recommend, you should definitely choose one of our freshly baked traditional Estonian breads to take home with you for the true taste of Estonia.


Caramel bakery-cafe

Tehnika 2, Viljandi

Info: +372 513 8518

Open: Mo-Fr 8.00-18.00

            Sat 9.00-16.00

Caramel Cafe at Centrum shopping centre

Tallinna 24, Viljandi

Open: Mo-Fr 9.00-19.00

           Sat  9.00-17.00

           Su  10.00-.15.00

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